Blue Book Changes Coming

IF you want to voice your opinion or see the direction in which the blue book is moving. Then follow along on http://www.scouttrader.org. Below is the information that was sent out by the ISCA President Craig Leighty.


And the process begins:

International Scouting Collectors Association – ISCA shared a link.
Posted by Craig Leighty · 48 minutes ago
Proposed Changes to Blue Book Criteria:

As many of you know, the OA Insignia Guide (Blue Book) is now administered for the hobby by ISCA (International Scouting Collectors Association). The first two changes to the rules are now up on the ISCA website for discussion. Each of the “proposed changes” are in a separate blog so anyone that wants to can comment on each of the proposed changes.

Two changes are presented for discussion as follows: 1) considered to be a major change – about how to identify a lodge when a “new” lodge chooses to not select a “lodge number” for identification purposes, and 2) a minor change – a change in some of the “border types”.

If you would like to make a comment and/or voice your opinion either for or against or even offer up something else, just go to the ISCA website (www.ScoutTrader.org) and select the “OA Insignia” button on the home page in the article titled: “ISCA Standard OA Insignia (and Memorabilia) Catalog”. There you can enter the blog section to read what others have to say and then also voice your own opinion.

Note: After approximately 30 days for a major change and approximately 7 days for a minor change, the blog will be closed and the ISCA OA Insignia Standards committee will review all of the comments and will make a decision. The decision will then be approved and implemented along with letting everyone know the decision. Lodge Editors will then be provided with guidance on implementing the changes.

Site Creation

I am creating this site based off of Jason Spanglers website carolinaoa.com. It will be up for collectors to share news about upcoming Trade-O-Rees, new patches, Conclaves, and any general information in the Pennsylvania scout collecting world. This is just a rough draft site for the time being till we are able to find editors for each lodge and I finish setting the entire site up. If you have any questions, encounter an issue, or would like to become an editor please contact me.