Author: mfmanner

Wunita Gokhos 39 Chenille OBV Flap Set

WG39 OBV Chenile

At its Fall 2014 Ordeal September 26-28, Wunita Gokhos 39 released its first chenille set in quite some time. This set was produced as a NOAC 2015 fundraiser and only 120 were produced, 40 of each color.  Each chenille is 8 inches wide and designed to look like the lodge’s standard OBV flaps (Ordeal=yellow border, Brotherhood=red border, Vigil=white border).

Wunita Gokhos 39 NOAC 2015 Set

2015 NOAC Flap_Comparison_2_

The design above was approved by the Wunita Gokhos 39 LEC as the lodge’s NOAC 2015 patch set.  Sets will be available sometime around February 2015.  The color scheme was made to match the NOAC promotional patch and to look clear, crisp, and professional. All WG39 items and apparel for the conference will match this color scheme.  The Scouts on the bottom portion of the set represent the Order’s continuous tradition of service since 1915.  Each of the ten Scouts represent a decade of service and are dressed in a uniform reflecting that decade (1915 on the left as you face the patch and 2015 on the right).  To get the spacing and size correct, actual lodge members were posed and photographed.  Included in the ten are the current lodge chief and officers.