Site was created to further the advancement of Scout patch collecting in Pennsylvania. The goal is to help the collecting community keep up to date about new patch releases, conclaves, and Trade-O-Ree’s happening in the state. If you see an error on the site or information that is missing please email Shane Orndorf.


Seeking editors for lodges where there is currently an empty space. If interested in being an editor or contributor, contact Shane Orndorf.

Lodge Editors

Ah’Tic 139                          Todd Rogers
Ajapeu 2                             Mike Candell
Allohak Menewi 57          Gap Danish
Gyantwachia 255             Todd Rogers
Kittatinny 5                       Need Editor
Kuskitannee 168              Dustin Ferris
Lowwapaneu 191             Need Editor
Langundowi 46                Todd Rogers
Monaken 103                    Shane Orndorf                      monakentrader@gmail.com
Octoraro 22                       Matt Griffin
Susquesahanough 11       Need Editor
Unami 1                             Mark Chilutti
Wagion 6                           Tom Price
Witauchsoman 44           Need Editor
Woapeu Sisilija 343        James Deroba
Wunita Gokhos 39          Bob Chaballa & Mike Manner
Wyona 18                          Need Editor


James Gottshall
Doug Williams
Ronald Bogart


This site is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America or the Order of the Arrow.

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