Month: August 2014

2015 NOAC Trade-O-Ree Details

Date: August 1-3, 2015
Schedule: (TOR Open to the Public)
Day 1: 10am – 12am (Midnight)
Day 2: 10am – 12am (Midnight)
Day 3: 9am – 12am (Midnight)
Setup Times For Table Dealers:
8am – 10am (Dealers with 4+ Tables)
8:30am – 10am (Dealers with 3+ Tables)
9am – 10am (Dealers with 2+ Tables)
9:30am – 10am (All Dealer Setup)
FREE Admission for ALL Visitors.
FREE Shuttle Bus from the MSU Campus to the Lansing Center – Paid for by Streamwood.
Contact 1: Chris Jensen
Phone: (864) 859-2915


Flyer: Coming Soon


Trade-O-Ree Table Fees

8’ x 32” Inside Tables: $95.00 each 

8’ x 32”  Wall Tables: $125.00 each  

A deposit to hold your tables can be made for a minimum of 25% of the amount due. 
If an installment plan is chosen, the payment schedule is as follows: 

25% due       Upon Reservation

75% due       3/31/15

 50% due       12/31/14

100% due       6/30/15


If a Cancellation is made before 6/30/15, a full refund will be made.  Refunds for Cancellations made after 6/30/15 will be for 75% of the Reservation Total Amount.


You will receive a $10 Discount, per table renter, if you send Streamwood a copy of your Current BSA Registration Card.  Streamwood will match these $10 Discounts and present a check to the Order of the Arrow Endowment during the Conference. Help us Perpetuate the Order of the Arrow another 100 years!


The Largest Trade-O-Ree Ever! 


Streamwood has the experience of sponsoring 42 Scout Memorabilia Trade-o-ree’s since 1990, and will do this right.  We have the experienced staff, the equipment, and the plans to make this the best ever TOR.  The Lansing Convention Center location is only 3 miles from the Michigan State University Campus, and is in the exact same huge room as the 2006 Pre-NOAC TOR that we sponsored. You just cannot get this size facility any closer to the OA National Conference.  The Convention Center is just across the Grand River from the Radisson Hotel.  The two buildings are connected with a covered and enclosed air-conditioned walkway. The Radisson is a fine hotel with all the amenities, including free airport shuttle, restaurant facilities, indoor pool, exercise room, covered parking, business center, and its 100% smoke free.

Streamwood is negotiating a great group rate for the rooms at the Radisson Hotel as the primary hotel for our event, in addition to several other hotels in close proximity to the Lansing Center and MSU.  We will be posting more information on the Streamwood website as we get the contracts signed.

WE HAVE LOTS OF SPACE! 42,000+ SQUARE FEET of Convention Center to show your stuff. Yep, it’s more than a full acre, in one big room, on ONE level (with warm floors), great lighting, and no obstructions in anyone’s way.  It’s spacious, clean, safe, and THE biggest possible available location in the MSU/Lansing area for a TOR!  There will be Lansing Center security guards on duty 24 hours a day to help us. This big room has concessions available in the corner of the room for snacks, drinks, and meals so you can get something to keep you going through the marathon TOR sessions.  Our big room has great loading facilities, with multiple loading dock doors leading directly into our room for easy access.  Streamwood will be providing a full load of hand trucks, wagons, flatbed carts, and our paid staff to assist traders unload their vehicles and get to their assigned tables.

We are starting our mailing of invitations to all of our 10,000+ scouting collectors worldwide.  So, get your scout stuff together to attend. BRING THE WHOLE LODGE, WE HAVE BUS PARKING AVAILABLE. You will not be disappointed. Check out the Streamwood web site for more complete information, including links to all sorts of resources for planning your trip.



Primary Hotel Location

Radisson Hotel
111 N. Grand Ave.
Lansing, Michigan
 (517) 482-0188
I took this information from as they have a very nice layout and regularly update with new content. More information will be posted once it is released.


NE-4B Conclave 2015

NE-4B Conclave 2015 is going to be hosted by Monaken 103 at Camp Seven Mountains. It will be held the weekend of the 12th to 14th of June. The theme is “100 years, Forged in the flames of cheerfulness”. The section will also be holding a cubclave on that saturday. For more information email

Transition flap Ajapeu 33


This is the transition flap of the Ajapeu 33 and addition of two districts from Sakuwit 2. Sakuwit was dispanded 1/2014. Until the LEC from both lodges could decide on a new flap for the new lodge, this flap was issued. Notice the totems from both lodges and no number. It was limited to 1 per event. There is a limited run of 1100.  All new ordeal members got this flap in 2014. There is appox 1000+ members in this new lodge.

I would debate whether or not this would would be a “death flap” as the totems of both are featured.

Ajapeu 2


New Lodge  from the former Ajapeu 33 and the addition of two districts from the old Sakuwit 2 (disbanded) .  This is the S-2,First flap for the lodge (300 run).  S-1 was a limited issue for LEC only.

LEC decided to keep the history of both Lodges as they had both had historical significance to the  OA.   Sakuwit 2 history goes back to the second lodge in Trenton 2 (1919) and Ajapeu 33 (1927)was the first lodge to decide that members were to have a lodge flap placed on the left pocket flap.

Monaken C7 A&B

Monaken C7A and B

Monaken Lodge 103  released this past weekend the C7. This design was based off of the original Juniata A1 felt arrowhead. The chenille was produced as a fundraiser for the lodges NOAC 2015 fund. There is an A and B variation. The A variation has a lighter groundhog then the B. The variation was unintentional. The patch was issued on a preorder basis and the lodge issued 225 patches. It is believe that out of the 225  issued 2/3 of the patches are of the lighter groundhog variation. The picture above contains the A(Left) and B(Right) Variations.

Site Creation

I am creating this site based off of Jason Spanglers website It will be up for collectors to share news about upcoming Trade-O-Rees, new patches, Conclaves, and any general information in the Pennsylvania scout collecting world. This is just a rough draft site for the time being till we are able to find editors for each lodge and I finish setting the entire site up. If you have any questions, encounter an issue, or would like to become an editor please contact me.